Direct Immunofluorescence On HSV Type I And II

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Immunofluorescenza per HSV

Direct Immunofluorescence On HSV Type I And II Description

Evaluation of the presence of herpes at the ocular level. This examination has a double value, by detecting the expression of the virus directly at the ocular level, we can establish the correct procedure of the therapy and its effectiveness. A monitoring value during therapy is associated with the diagnostic value of the examination.


Direct Immunofluorescence On HSV Type I And II

Not Positive

HSV Direct Immunodetection


HSV Direct Immunodetection

Frequently asked questions

  • What is it?

    It is a diagnostic support technique in the diagnosis of HSV I and II virus ocular pathologies.It replaces a classic cytological examination and / or a PCR, increasing its investigation strength.

  • To whom is it addressed?

    Patients who must undergo surgery and outpatient, for patients under therapeutic monitoring, elderly, malnourished, obese, smokers, autoimmune, diabetic, suffering from glaucoma and in therapy with antiglaucomatosis (dry-eye drug effect).

  • How to do it?

    It requires a small sample which is carried out on the subject's tarsal conjunctiva (non-invasive).

  • What does it highlight?

    It allows to identify the presence of:

      • HSV virus type I and II infections even in the absence of direct infectious phenomenon (membrane antigen analysis) which can also be performed on aqueous and vitreous humor.

  • Advantages?

      • Speed of execution and response, usually 2/3 working days.
      • Identification of the pathogenic noxa independent of the request deriving from the clinical hypothesis.