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Service Biotech Microvilli

Microvilli Service Description

Technique of diagnostic support in the diagnosis of ocular pathologies from dry eye, innovative technique, increases the strength of investigation.


Microvilli Imaging


Frequently asked questions

  • To whom is it addressed?

    Patients who must undergo surgery and outpatient, for patients in therapeutic monitoring, for patients with chronic dry eye diseases for epidemiological analyzes on populations of specific technical workers, elderly, malnourished, obese, smokers, autoimmune patients.

  • How to do it?

    It requires a small sample which is carried out on the subject's tarsal conjunctiva by means of impression cytology (innovative non-invasive technique).

  • What does it highlight?

    It allows to identify the presence of microvilli on the basal epithelium, microvilli are predictive for establishing the health of the mucous tissue and their absence establishes cellular suffering and is predictive for severe tissue damage.
    The technique is essential in monitoring the status of the mucous membranes in dry eye therapies.

  • Advantages

      • Speed of execution and response, usually 2 working days.
      • Monitoring and diagnostic help in the resolution of chronic dry eye diseases.