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ORLSEM® Service Description

The test is called "ORLSEM" and proposes an analysis on the nasal mucosa by means of nasal-scraping in scanning microscopy, allowing to identify, in patients with rhinitis or other ENT disorders, the causes of the discomfort.

The examination is non-invasive and is highly tolerated by the subject.


ORLSEM® Imaging


Frequently asked questions

  • What does it highlight?

    ORLSEM identifies the presence of bacterial, fungal, protozoal infections, inflammations or allergies, presence of heavy metals.

  • To whom is it addressed?

    To all the people

      • If you are immunocompromised
      • If you are allergic
      • If you live in areas with a high risk of heavy metal contamination or work in a factory
      • Abundant secretions, burning and / or discomfort

    Chances are you have an infection.

  • How to do it?

    Call us to collect the blood sample from us or otherwise collect the kit and do it directly from your ENT specialist.

  • How to deliver the kit?

    For the delivery of the kit you can contact us by sending or delivering it to the office, you can take it to Service Biotech Srl in Via Chiaia, 123 - 80121 Naples, or in Via Croce Rossa, 23 - 80131 Naples.

  • How do you get the result?

    It is very simple, once registered on the site, the result can be collected directly online.

  • Advantages

      • Response times are 2/3 working days.
      • Identification of the pathogenic noxa independent of the request deriving from the clinical hypothesis.