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Service Biotech Immunogold in SEM

Immunogold In SEM Description

Immunogold in SEM is an investigation technique for ultrastructural membrane proteins, with a specific antibody marker.

This technique can be applied in various fields of microbiology and / or biology and / or medicine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, and more widely for all fields of life sciences.


Frequently asked questions

  • To whom is it addressed?

    Purely aimed at pharmaceutical companies which need to investigate the action of drugs on in vitro samples applicable both to cell layers in monolayer and to 3D cultures.

  • How to do it?

    It is performed on in vitro samples and is the sum of immunological and electron microscopy visualization techniques.

  • What does it highlight?

    It highlights the presence / absence of certain protein structures on cell and / or microbial cultures with evaluation of the pharmacological activity on certain membrane receptors.

  • Advantages?

      • High specifity of investigation.